Nomination Slate for 2017

The Nominating Committee has proposed
the following slate of officers for 2017


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Turning Stone by Heck!

Turning to Stone fixed

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2016 Nominations

The Nominating Committee has meet and discussed leadership for next year and have the following slate to offer the club:

Bob Bezanson – President
Larry Randolph – Vice President
David Van Giesen – Secretary
Rich Wolpert – Treasurer
Mark Hannum – Director
Michael Young – Director
Jim Heck – Director

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Why work at the fair?

As club members, we all have the opportunity every year to contribute our time and talents to help out20150807_113502_resized at the Ozark Empire Fair.  Either as turners or greeters, we can work as few as 2 hours or as many hours as we want.  We also have the option of submitting our turned pieces to be judged and/or bring our favorite items to be displayed with other members items.

Why do we do this?  For me, personally, it’s the joy I see in a child’s face when I turn and color a top, then they get to spin it themselves for the first time.  It also makes me happy to know every penny we raise goes directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.  

20150807_113528_resizedAdditionally, you get to know fellow members on a level you can never achieve during a monthly meeting…just because there is never enough time.  I enjoyed getting to know Richard Rust and Jim Anderson this year.  And Beth Harris and Dorothy Heck were awesome as greeters.

The reason we, as a club, work the fair is obviously to raise awareness of our craft and to “grow” our club.

But as I’ve already said, there’s much more to be gained by volunteering.I am hopeful we will have much greater participation by our members this time next year.  It really is fun!

Helen Beeman

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Meet the Sheriff

Hello again, fellow woodturners!  I’m excited to talk to you today about Jim Johnston.  Jim MuggAlso known as “The Sheriff”!  Most of you know him, but some of the newer members don’t.  Why do we call him “The Sheriff”?  Well, two reasons… first because he was a Deputy Sheriff at one time and second, but most important, he collects money from members who 1) forget their name tag and 2) forget to turn off their phones during the meeting.

I have personally known Jim and his wife of 24 years, Marge, for over 20 years.  In fact, Jim is the guy who got me interested in woodturning.  He is an excellent turner who focuses mainly on tool handles, bowls and small items.  Additionally, Jim helped me turn my first bowl.  He’s a great teacher and very patient!  The reason he began turning was so he could make file handles.  Jim  has been turning about 11 years.

What you may not know about Jim and Marge is that they are excellent skeet and sporting clay shooters.  In addition, Jim loves to fish, garden and travel.  He has two children, Jim TurningJason, 43, and Jennifer, 35.  According to Jim, he met Marge after she asked him to dance.  (I want to hear more about that story!)  They live in Oldfield, Missouri.

In Jim’s words: “I am the luckiest man alive as I have a wife that loves me, two fine children and the best people on the planet that I am fortunate to be able to call my friends!”

Let me say one last thing about Jim, don’t ever take him too seriously.  He loves to prank people.  So, if he tells you something with a really straight face… you probably shouldn’t believe him!  (I’m laughing!)

Helen Beeman

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Meet Your New Board Members

HelenHi woodturners.  Helen Beeman here.  As many of you know, Don Carlson and I stepped down from the board at the end of the year.  Your new Board Members are Rich Wolpert and Jim Heck.  If you haven’t already gotten acquainted with these guys, I’d like to help you do that now.

Rich Wolpert will be our new Treasurer for the club.  Rich was born and raised in New York, but left the area to attend college at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  By the way, he also Rich Wolpertmet his wife, Becky, there and they married in 1973.  They have two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, and look forward to having grandchildren in the near future.

Rich has been turning since about 2010 but has started turning seriously in the past two years.  Until he discovered woodturning at Artfest, he spent his creative time with scale models, dollhouses or similar things.  Rich’s woodturning ethic is to use only locally grown and harvested woods with low to no VOC finishes.

Aside from woodturning, Rich loves running, camping, hiking, reading and writing.

Welcome to the Board of Directors, Rich!

Jim Heck was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Before joining the Navy for a 4 year, 4 month tour, he worked in the “Oil-Patch”.  After the navy, Jim started college with a major in Studio Arts and a minor in Business.  After college, Jim started a career in Store Planning and Design and eventually went into the Siding, Window and Door business.

Jim married his high school sweetheart, Dorothy, in 1970.  They have two children who Jim Heckare currently living and working in the Chicago area with Jim’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Jim was introduced to woodturning by David Van Giesen.  Jim is impressed with the level of craft and extraordinary commitment to each other that the club’s members exhibit.  Jim is a stone sculptor and he hopes to match that high level of craft by learning to express his art in traditional and non-traditional media, using the lathe as a primary tool while employing the tools and techniques he has developed over the years as a sculptor and stone carver.  Jim bought his first lathe in 2013 from a club member and has modified it to turn stone.

Jim was surprised to know the same rules apply to turning stone that apply to turning wood.  For example… “don’t spin it faster than you can run!” and “don’t make the inside bigger than the outside!”

Welcome to the Board of Directors, Jim!

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Nominations for 2015

The Nominating Committee has finalized their selections and provided their recommendations for the full slate of officers for next year 2015.

They are as follows:

President:  Larry Randolph
Vice Pres.:  Bob Bezanson
Secretary:  David Van Giesen
Treasurer:  Richard Wolpert
Board Member:  Mark Hannum
Board Member:  Michael Young
Board Member:  Jim Heck

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Coffee Shop Saturday

Saturday, March 1st several of us met at Brian Woosley’s (one of our newest members) shop and had a great time getting to know each other a little better and there was a lot of sharing of information on turning.   Brian’s shop was the perfect place for a Coffee Shop. He said, in the future if we want we can move his lathe into the larger garage which is just a matter of opening the door and pushing it through.  I do believe we could easily get 20 or more folks in there. Regardless, I was very envious of the space he has and how his shop is setup.

Helen Beeman demonstrated turning a pen on Brian’s lathe.  She took us from the bolt action penbeginning of picking, cutting and drilling the blank to mounting it on the lathe and turning it to it’s finished shape.  She then proceeded to teach us her finishing techniques which included applying first a thin CA to fill any pores in the wood.  Then she added 5 more layers of medium CA before she did her final sanding and polishing.  Once she had completed the blank she went on to assemble a Bolt Action Pen.

The CA glue that Helen used can be purchased from one of our “Club Sponsors” Woodnwhimsies. They are distributors for and carry the StickFast brand which is the originator of the “Woodfinishing CA System”.  The Bolt Action Pen that Helen assembled also came from Tim and Tracey, owners of Woodnwhimsies.  They are also club members so be sure to check out their website!  They have ‘pertneart’ anything you might need for pens and other kit based projects.  Say “thank you” when you call them.

The video below was shot from my Samsung phone and the audio was kinda hard to hear over the lathe so, I added some Ozarks Classical music for your listening enjoyment ha!

After Helen was done, I shared some brief information on bottle stoppers and demonstrated Mylands Sanding Sealer and Friction Polish.  Then Helen used the CA Woodfinish she used on the pen blank on one of the bottle stoppers.  It looked fantabulous!  Sorry no good pictures of either of the stoppers.  I was really impressed with the depth that the CA brought to the Spalted Hackberry, it was incredible.  Here are some of the links to the bottle stopper information I shared.

Another “Club Sponsor” is Craft Supplies USA.  There you can find the Dowels for Silicone Stoppers in a 5 pack and the Silicone to cover the dowel in a 5 pack.  Always say thank you to our Sponsors of our club!!!

301.2Ruth Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers, the #301 I demonstrated and the self tapping mandrel.  Visit Ruth @

Mylands Sanding Sealer or Friction Polish:  Woodnwhimsies

Remember, the next Coffee Shop will be at Tom Glynn’s show where he and David Van Giesen will demonstrate.  Tom will be cutting out the bowl blank and David will turn it.  This Coffee Shop is designed for those who have never turned a bowl or those wanting a refresher demonstration. Also, Tom will have some great deals on bowl blanks the day of the Coffee Shop.  Email Larry or David if you would like to sign up for this demo. Seats are limited.

-Larry Randolph


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Sharpening with the Wolverine System

Saturday February 22nd we were pleased to present Doug Thompson from Thompson Lathe Tools as our demonstrator.  Doug did a great job of teaching us not just about putting an edge on our bowl gouges and scrapers but he also shared his knowledge of the Doug Thompson Demovarious kinds of steel used in making woodturning tools.  He also discussed the different kinds of grinding wheels, grinders, honing, angles for various tools and more. He taught us how he uses the Wolverine Grinding System.  Remember, it can be purchased directly from a couple of our existing club sponsors.  Craft Supplies USA and Hartiville Tools both carry the Wolverine and all of the accessories available.

We at one point had 86 folks in the room watching him creating the first grind on a bowl gouge and creating the edge on a negative rake scraper.  The Video Team did a great job of capturing the day and that video is now out and available on our YouTube Channel or you can also watch it right here on our site at:

Along with Doug’s demo we had our Club Challenge for the month of February.  Our Novice Table winner was Natalie Pyeatt with a bowl that had “belly button rings” indexed Nataliearound the rim for a very Sweetheart type look.  The Experience Table Challenge winner was Larry Ludke with a Roman Canteen.

Be sure to visit Doug Thompson’s website and review all of the tools and handles he has available for sale.  He has been a club sponsor for 3 years now and has donated many tools and handles to our club for our Raffle and Prizes.  We need to make sure we support those that support us.

Coffee shops have been scheduled for March 1st and 16th.  More information on these will be sent out via email.

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Christmas Party 2013

Winter weather didn’t hamper our Christmas Party this year as we saw almost everyone that signed up make it in.  KY3 normally calls it pretty good but I think this time they might have prognosticated more than we actually got because it seemed to me that the roads were in pretty good shape… which is a great thing!  And the Doubletree Hotel was a great location for our logo_brand_DTChristmas Party!  Helen Beeman did a fantastic job by working with the folks to secure not just the room but also some of the best banquet food I have ever partaken of.  Everyone at my table was in agreement that normally you can’t expect the food to really be good at events like these but, this time was very different.  The pot roast, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and salad was prepared very well and made for a great comfort food luncheon!  I didn’t get to see it but I heard that Santa’s Dessert room was pretty nice as well.

With 88 folks present we had a great time not just eating but we also had door prize drawings provided by the Board of Directors, the Christmas Challenge and show’n’tell.  Our guest turner last month Rudy Lopez left us his finished turnings that he demonstrated back on November 9th for the club to use in our monthly drawing.  Ernie Lorenc and Dan McKinzie were the lucky winners of those items.


Our Club Challenge for December was a Christmas Theme.  The winner was Jim Kramer who won a $50 gift card from Hartville Tool with a very nice segmented cookie jar.  Jim and Helen Beeman in the picture on the right.  Congrats Jim!

The Gift Exchange table had approximately a dozen participants.  We drew those names and everyone that brought an item got to go home with one.  There were some really nice pieces on the table.

Our elections are always the last meeting of the year and this year our Nominating Committee Chairman, Bob Bezanson, presented the nominations for next year’s officers.  They were elected by the members present through public vote.  They are:

Larry Randolph, President
Bob Bezanson, Vice President
Don Carlson, Treasurer
David Van Giesen, Secretary
Helen Beeman, Director
Mark Hannum, Director
Michael Young, Director

We would like to thank Denvard Heasley and Ben Alexander for their service over the years.  Ben will still be very involved on our education committee and will continue to be an advocate for safety but tells us that he and his wife Char will be doing more travelling “Nationally” next year.  Denvard has announced that he is getting married to his new fiancé’ Beverly in February and like Ben and Char, he and Beverly are planning to do a little traveling next year.  Thanks Guys!

After the election we went on to acknowledge two individuals this year.  In 2012, the Board of Directors thought it good to start an annual tradition of selecting both a Master Turner and a Most Improved Turner each year.  Last year, 2012, Ernie Lorenc was named Master Turner and David Pettibone was named Most Improved Turner.

This year by unanimous vote Karen Kathka was named our “Most Improved Turner” for Karen MIT2013.  Karen has taken on the task of trying several different challenge items over the last year and has finished very well in the voting.  She has also taken advantage of our Mentoring Program and been tutored by Helen Beeman, Mike Ilkiw and Ernie Lorenc.  It is obvious that she is taking her experience as a retired art teacher (Fair Grove) and is now applying it to woodturning and has turned out some very nice work.  Karen received a laser engraved bowl gouge as her award.  Congratulations Karen.

Our “Master Turner” was awarded to Carl Huser.  As a Master Woodturner Carl has demonstrated the exemplary skills required to create fine woodturnings.  In addition he MTis also one who has unselfishly gone beyond his own talents in order to help nurture, share and encourage others in our wood-turning community with his knowledge and experience.  Carl was presented an embroidered woodturners smock (Hartville Tool) and a new club name tag labeled Master Turner.  Thanks Carl for being part of the solid foundation of our club.

After we awarded Karen and Carl we moved onto the entertainment for the afternoon.  As John and Fran Trainer, Jim and Marge Johnston, Ernie and Marge Lorenc and John and Linda Taliaferro volunteered to play their role in the “Not So Newlywed Game.”  They might not agree that they volunteered but they did accept the offer of the first places in aIMG_2580the buffet line.   Laughing  With the questions the four couples proceeded to remember back in their relationships and answer some questions about each other just like the classic “Newlywed Game.”  When the dust settled and the two rounds were over, Jim and his lovely wife Marge Johnston emerged as the Grand Champions and won a nice $30 gift card to Jim’s Steakhouse just south of Sunshine on Glenstone.  The other three couples didn’t go home empty handed… each couple received a consolation prize of a nice gift certificate to spend any evening of their choice at any Springfield McDonald’s for 5 dollars.

We owe a big thank you to David Van Giesen and Helen Beeman for the organization and leg work that it took to bring this event together.  There was a lot of time spent chasing down the awards, setting up the tables, sending out invitations and all of the other things it took to end in a successful party.  Thanks Guys!
                                                                                                                      – Larry

Enjoy a few pictures from the event below.

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