Woodturner’s are TOPS!!!


In preparation for the upcoming Ozark Empire Fair, Karen Kathka asked me to teach her to turn tops.  Since we will be offering these tops at our booth in return for donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, she wanted to get a jump on getting some made before the Fair starts!

So this week, she came to my shop and turned her first top.  I remember when Jim Johnston (The Sheriff) taught me to turn my first top.  How fun that was. If you aren’t aware, Karen is very artistic and has already won some club challenges.  So, that being said, her first top looked better than any I’ve ever turned. :)

Congrats, Karen, on learning yet another new woodturning project!”

– Written by, Helen Beeman “The Belle of Bentonville”

Have something you would like to learn to turn?  Check out the Mentoring Program!

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