Why work at the fair?

As club members, we all have the opportunity every year to contribute our time and talents to help out20150807_113502_resized at the Ozark Empire Fair.  Either as turners or greeters, we can work as few as 2 hours or as many hours as we want.  We also have the option of submitting our turned pieces to be judged and/or bring our favorite items to be displayed with other members items.

Why do we do this?  For me, personally, it’s the joy I see in a child’s face when I turn and color a top, then they get to spin it themselves for the first time.  It also makes me happy to know every penny we raise goes directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.  

20150807_113528_resizedAdditionally, you get to know fellow members on a level you can never achieve during a monthly meeting…just because there is never enough time.  I enjoyed getting to know Richard Rust and Jim Anderson this year.  And Beth Harris and Dorothy Heck were awesome as greeters.

The reason we, as a club, work the fair is obviously to raise awareness of our craft and to “grow” our club.

But as I’ve already said, there’s much more to be gained by volunteering.I am hopeful we will have much greater participation by our members this time next year.  It really is fun!

Helen Beeman

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