Welcoming a New Member

On Saturday we had a lathe setup party at the home of one of our newest members, Don Nelson.  Don recently joined the club, had one mentoring session, and ran right out and bought a lathe for his wood shop.  Don got a good buy from Ballew Tools right here in Springfield on a Jet 1642.

Don Carlson, David Van Giesen and Ben Alexander descended on Don’s home in Nixa Saturday and made short work of setting up the lathe.  Within an hour Don N. was rough turning a Maple bowl on his new lathe!   The only glitch we ran into was discovering that variable speed lathes don’t like ground fault circuits. Problem quickly solved.  Karen Nelson took time out from gardening to cook up and join us for a wonderful lunch of grilled hamburgers, coleslaw, cantaloupe and brownies.  Thanks to Don and Karen for their hospitality!

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