Sycamore Party November 3rd

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day for cutting trees, sunny, about 60, and a gentle breeze.  Had a good turnout considering the distance to travel from Springfield.  As usual the club members pulled together to get the job done.  Without specific directions we split up into two teams and each worked on a tree. Within each group we had “limbers” to trim the branches, “puller’s” who dragged the brush far enough to be pushed into piles by the tractor, “cutter’s” who cut the logs off the trunks, and “Anchor Sealer’s” who sealed the logs.  The two trees we worked on each had a 50 foot main trunk as well as smaller but useful side  branches.  With this organization we cut up both of these trees within three hours, loaded trailers and pickups with cut wood, made three large brush piles, and called it a day at 3:00 PM.  We did this with only one minor injury due to a large sharp thorn bush.   I think most of us were worn out.

After the cutting Don Nelson and Susan Dollar visited my shop.

Needless to say, there is still more wood to cut and haul off.  Need to set up another work day to finish the job.  Looks like next weekend will work, given the weather holds till then.  I’ll be in touch.

Those attending the cutting:

Mike & Rosalind Peters – Mike & Rosalind did the tractor work and loading!
Don Nelson
Ryan Ludke
Larry Ludke
Susan Dollar
John Taliaferro
Jim Johnston
Russ & Gretchen Berquam
David & Priscilla Van Giesen

Reported by – Ben Alexander

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