Ron Fleming demonstration was a great success!

We had 43 folks come to see Ron teach us how he carves on his turnings.  Ron was very open with his processes and we benefited enormously by being able to ask questions of him as he worked.

Thanks go to Helen and Dan Beeman for making sure that we had plenty to drink and eat!  Also, the club would like to thank Campbell United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their facility AND they provided coffee for us.

It was a great day!

Ron Fleming

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As we begin turning we are often concerned with the perfect tool technique, how to handle wood blanks etc.  These are the kinds of things we deal with each month during our regular meetings.

However, in our pursuit to grow as turners we often find the single hardest thing to master is training our eye to what form or shape is the most appealing.  Or maybe the question becomes, I have produced a nice turning but, what can I do to make my turning stand out in the crowd.  Well, this is where we often go outside of our own club and pursue professional artists to come and address these various issues.

Well, this is exactly where our guest Ron Fleming will bring to light many of these things. In the beginning of his demonstration, he will be sharing pictures with us and discussing design and how to create an eye catching form.  Then he will spend most of his time showing us the tools and how he uses them to take that turning to the next level.  From a simple bowl or hollow form into an artful creation.  Ron will not be turning live on the lathe but will show us how to take those already turned objects and embellish, carve or otherwise expand their appeal to a much wider audience.  As he has been a lifelong artist, it is bound to be a great day of inspiration!

Be sure to check out Ron’s website:

If you have not signed up yet for this weekend it is not to late!  Attached you will find the form which can still be mailed to Don Carlson (address on the form) or can be brought with you Saturday morning.  If you do plan on coming and have not already signed up, please do let me know so that Helen can better plan for food as Lunch will be provided for you.

*REMEMBER*:  it is $40 for members and $60 per member spouse and/or family

Click Here for the Form to bring with you to the Demonstration

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