For Sale

We can offer a service to our members here.  If you have woodturning or woodworking related tools that you would like to sell then we are happy to post them here for all of your fellow members and the rest of the world to see.

That said, we do ask that if you wish to list your items for sale that you contribute 10% of the price that you get back to the club.  This will help us to continue to grow, teach and promote woodturning in Southwest Missouri.  By posting your turning related tools here you will get the attention of Turners who might not otherwise keep up with Craigslist or other sale sites.

For now, if you have an item for sale, email Larry Randolph with pictures, pricing and contact phone number.

We will not post your email address on the website as they can be picked up by spambots and will increase your incoming spam in your email box.  Because of this, we would rather post your phone number.



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