Coffee at David Van Geisen’s

May – 2012
On Thursday night eighteen members of Woodturner’s of SW Missouri turned out for a coffee and demonstration at David Van Giesen’s home.  That’s a whopping 22% of our club membership!  As usual David and Priscilla were great hosts and provided tea, pop, and cookies for all, our thanks to both of them!

The evening started with David by having everyone present get up and spend about a minute telling the group about their families, background and also our turning history and experience.  This is a great way to get to know other members better.  We also had a quick “show & tell” with several members bringing recent turning projects to share with the club.  This included a discussion on how several of the pieces were “turned”.

David then launched into the demonstration of the night, the “Jamieson Hollowing System”.  David had the system on a table and went over how it worked.  He also showed us about 10 items that he had turned with this hollowing system.  Then it was off to David’s shop for the hands on portion of the demo.  David started the show by setting up the hollowing system on his lathe so we could all see how the parts relate to each other.   He also explained how the laser is used to find and mark wall thickness.  David then put a rough turned pot on the lathe and started hollowing it out.  After a brief demo he asked other member if they wanted to try it out.  Only four of us did the hands on portion.  This is a great opportunity to try out equipment, members shouldn’t be so shy about trying it!


Dennis Lamkins, Helen Beeman, Karen McDonald, Bob McAllister, Dale King, Troy Harris, Beth Harris, Tom Glynn, Lisa Glynn, Dan McKinzie, Doc Orr, Ben Alexander, Eldon Owen, Jared Owen and daughter, Denise Petrocella, Roger Kathka, Ernie Lorenc, and of course DVG. [18]

Enjoy the pictures from this event – Ben Alexander


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